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Este próximo jueves 19 de abril de 2018, a las 12.30 en el Seminario de nuestro Instituto se impartirá la siguiente conferencia:

Conferenciante: Gonzalo Martínez Cervantes (Universidad de Murcia)

Título: Sequential properties of dual Banach spaces with the weak* topology

Abstract: A topological space is said to be Fr\’echet-Urysohn (FU) if the closure of every subspace coincides with the set of limits of sequences in the subspace. A generalization of FU property are sequentiality and countable tightness. A topological space is sequential if every nonclosed subspace contains a sequence converging to a point which is not in the subspace. On the other hand, a topological space has countable tightness if the
closure of every subspace coincides with the union of closures of countable subsets of the subspace.
During this talk we will study these and convex analogues of these properties in dual balls with the weak*-topology.
In particular, we will show the important role played by Johnson-Lindenstrauss spaces on this study.

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