Valencia, June 1-5, 2009

Over the last two decades, the study of hypercyclicity and linear chaos has developed into a very active research area. In the past few years several long-standing problems have been solved, and a number of landmark results have been obtained.

From its very beginning, linear dynamics has been at the crossroads of several areas of mathematics (Operator theory, Dynamical systems, Complex analysis, Semigroups and applications to partial differential equations, Ergodic theory).

This is the fourth meeting on hypercyclicity and chaos for linear operators. The first meeting took place at Kent State University, Ohio, March 1998, the second one in Oberwolfach, Germany, August 2006, and the third one in Zaragoza, July 2007. Our intention is to combine plenary and short talks about recent work and open problems in this highly active area. Contributions at the frontier of hypercyclicity are encouraged, especially semigroups of linear operators and their applications to PDEs.

If you are interested in learning more about this exciting topic, we are hoping to meet you in Valencia this coming June 1 – 5!