PROFESOR: Marian Fabian (Instituto de Matemáticas de la Academia Checa de Ciencias)

TÍTULO: “Projections in duals to Asplund spaces made without Simons’ lemma”

FECHA: Miércoles, 25 de Septiembre.

HORA: 12:30.

LUGAR: Seminario del IUMPA (Universitat Politècnica de València).

ABSTRACT: G. Godefroy and the second author of this note proved in 1988 that in duals to Asplund spaces there always exists a projectional resolution of the identity. A few years later, Ch. Stegall succeeded to avoid from the original proof a deep lemma of S. Simons. Here, we rewrite the condensed argument of Ch. Stegall in a more transparent and detailed way. We actually show that this technology of Ch. Stegall leads to a bit stronger/richer object —the so called projectional skeleton— recently constructed by W. Kubi\’s, via S. Simons’ lemma and with help of elementary submodels from logic.”