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El día 9 de julio a las 12:30 se impartirá la siguiente charla en el seminario del IUMPA:

Conferenciante: Hangyang Meng (Departament de Matemàtiques, Universitat de València).

Título: “p-groups of supersolvable type”.

Abstract: Let S be a p-group for some prime p. A fusion system F over S is called supersolvable if there exists a series 1 = S0 ≤ … ≤ Sm = S of subgroups of S such that Si is strongly closed in S with respect to F and Si+1/Si is cyclic for each i. A p-group S is said to be of supersolvable type if F is supersolvable for any saturated fusion system F over S. Equivalently, every saturated fusion system F over S can be realized by a p-supersolvable group. In our paper, we present an equivalent description on p-groups of supersolvable type. As applications, we give a complete characterization of p-group of supersolvable type within the class of abelian p-groups and the class of meta-cyclic p-groups.

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Podéis leer el resumen completo en el siguiente documento: p-groups of supersolvable type-abstract