El próximo jueves 30 de junio la doctora Nadia Clavero impartirá la siguiente conferencia:

Título: Optimal embeddings between Sobolev spaces and mixed norm spaces
Hora: 11:30
Lugar: Seminario IUMPA

Resumen: In 1938 Sobolev proved his well-known embedding theorem. Actually, his proof did not apply when p = 1, and only at the end of 1950s Gagliardo and Nirenberg found a method which worked in that exceptional case. Their ideas, based on the behaviour of linear sections of functions, led to the introduction of the mixed norm spaces. Since then, extensive research has been carried out along two directions, on the one hand to study properties of mixed norm spaces and, on the other, to extend the classical Sobolev type estimates from the Lp-setting to more general spaces. Motivated by all these works, our main goal is to construct a theory of Sobolev embeddings that encompasses the main ideas put forward in the aforementioned lines.

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