Many of the actual challenges faced by our modern world have such scope and complexity that they require mathematicians collaborating with experts from other domains to make significant progress. In this context, a new inherently multidisciplinary area of great potential and high strategic value appears: Synthetic Biology. The prior objective of synthetic biology is designing and implementing new applications of biological systems by means of mathematical modelling methods and simulation as main elements of the design and implementation of new ideas enabling the systematic introduction of quantification and prediction in the system.In fact, synthetic biology combines methods of mathematical modelling and biology to form a research area which aims to introduce new biological circuits (built of proteins and nucleic acids) in cells; using a standardization process similar to the one used in electronics. Thus such cells can be transformed into small programmed biological robots to perform predetermined tasks.

Researchers of IUMPA maintain an intense activity in this area since many resources have been dedicated to this new line of research due to its participation in two important European projects.

Research Groups: Interdisciplinary Modelling Group- InterTech