Photonics deals with mathematical modelling and numerical simulation of phenomena associated with the propagation of light waves and matter. Especially, it focuses on nonlinear phenomena in micro and nano scales. Its research can be divided into two large blocks: photonics and nonlinear nanophotonics; and cold atoms and matter waves. Both areas have a great technological potential and are seen as basic oriented research.

Problems of nonlinear wave propagation of light in micro and nanostructured spaces (on either temporary or spatial domain) have a great technological interest. The replacement of the present electronic tec­hnology with a new technology based on photonic circuits is one of the great challenges of nanotechnology. This area develops both mathematical models and innovative numerical algorithms, in order to deal efficiently and creatively with the analysis of these systems.

The field of cold atoms and matter waves includes the study of the behaviour of matter under temperatures near absolute zero. This framework upraises new quantum phenomena, analysed by nonlinear equations (similar to optics nonlinear equations). The present experimental control of these systems at low temperatures allows foreseeing new technological applications arising from quantum nature of matter at the atomic scale. Concepts such as nanotechnology or quantum computing are involved in these applications. In this way, our experience in nonlinear optical modelling is used to propose new ideas to this promising field.

Research Groups: Interdisciplinary Modelling Group- InterTech