Our research group is mainly interested in several branches of general topology (asymmetric topology, fixed point theory, fuzzy topological structures, topological algebra, hyperspaces, etc.) as well as its applications to other fields as Computer Science (domain theory, construction of quantitative models, complexity analysis of algorithms) and Image Modelling (image smoothing, image filtering, etc.). We are also concerned with fuzzy set theory always with a topological flavour.


Head of the Group e-mail
Jesús Rodríguez López jrlopez@mat.upv.es
Alegre Gil, Carmen calegre@mat.upv.es
Marín Molina, Josefa jomarinm@mat.upv.es
Morillas Gómez, Samuel smorillas@mat.upv.es
Pedraza Aguilera, Tatiana tapedraz@mat.upv.es
Tirado Peláez, Pedro pedtipe@mat.upv.es


External collaborators University
D. Fairchild, Mark Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
A. Künzi, Hans-Peter University of Cape Town, South Africa
Valero, Óscar Universitat de les Illes Balears, Spain

Research Lines:

Asymmetric topology
Fixed point theory
Fuzzy topological structures
Fuzzy and metric tools for image modelling