The group is working on:

1.- The Separable Quotient Problem, open problem that states wether a infinite dimensional Banach space admits a Separable Infinite Dimensional Quotient. It is well known that small Banach spaces, I mean with denseness less than the bounding cardinal, as well as the big Banach spaces in the sense of Todorcevic, have separable quotient. Our aim is to get new characterizations of the separable quotient problem and to apply these characterizations to Banach Spaces with denseness between the  bounding cardinal and the continuum cardinal, as well as to apply the new obtained characterizations to proof rapididly the existence of Separable quotient problem, in known cases like in the case of WCG spaces.

2.- The second line of research is the determination of rings and algebras os subsets of a set such that Nikodym property implies more strong Nikodym properties. In other words: When Nikodym property is equivalent to strong and web Nikodym properties? It is well known that this equivalence holds in an sigma-algebra.



Head of the Group e-mail
López Pellicer, Manuel



External Collaborators University
Kakol, Jerzy Adam Mikiewicz University, Polonia
Ferrando Pérez, Juan Carlos Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche


Research lines


The separable quotient problem

Nikodym properties on rings and algebras