The group’s activity is focused on the application of the concepts and methods of pure and applied mathematics to different areas of knowledge, which are grouped into two main blocks, Data Science and Physics. It is a multidisciplinary group that involves Mathematicians, Physicists, Documentation Specialists and Engineers. The argument thread of the activity is the elaboration of mathematical models for the analysis of related problems in Functional Analysis and Topology, Bibliometric Indices, Acoustics and Metamaterials, Non-linear Physics, Graph-based databases and Fraud Detection Algorithms, among others.


Heads of the Group e-mail
Calabuig Rodríguez, José Manuel
Garcia Raffi, Lluís Miquel
Sánchez Pérez, Enrique Alfonso
Ferrer Sapena, Antonia
Peset Mancebo, María Fernanda



External Collaborators University
Mastyło, Mieczysław Adam Mickiewicz University (Polonia)
Szwedek, Radoslaw Adam Mickiewicz University (Polonia)
Romero Garcia, Vicent Le Mans Université, France
Falciani, Hervé GRC Advisor
Jonard, Natalia Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Research Lines:

-Functional Analysis, Topology and applications
Mathematical physics of periodic and non-periodic structures
Bibliometric Indices in Scientific Research
Graph-based databases and Fraud Detection