InterTech ( activities are based on collaborations from researchers of different areas aiming at the creation of new ideas of scientific and technological value. The interdisciplinary nature of the group allows to cover various fields like non-linear optics, in collaboration with the optics department of the Universitat de València; biotechnology; or in the advanced modelling in energetic engineering. As result of the research activities of the group a spin off, Energesis Ingeniería (, was created fulfilling one of the main goals of InterTech members of transferring the scientific findings to society.



Head of the Group e-mail
Fernández de Córdoba Castellá, Pedro José
Abraham Ibrahim, Sergio
Giménez Palomares, Fernando
Hoyas Calvo, Sergio
Isidro San Juan, José María
Pérez Quiles, María Jezabel
Sanchis Llopis, José María


External Collaborators University
Ferrando Cogollos, Albert Universitat de València
Finster, Felix Universitaet Regensburg
Michinel Álvarez, Humberto Universidad de Vigo
Navarro Pardo, Esperanza Universitat de València

Research Lines:

Industrial Mathematics

-Mathematical modelling and numerical methods

Mathematical Physics