Our main research area is the study of methods of functional analysis and operator theory and their applications to several areas of mathematical analysis, like complex analysis, Fourier analysis, dynamical systems, ergodic theory and linear partial differential operators.More precisely, we work in the following problems:

(1) Spaces of analytic and differentiable functions and operators between them: weighted spaces of analytic functions, weighted composition operators, integral operators, Cesàro and Volterra operators.

(2) Time-frequency analysis: Gabortransform, Fourier integral operators, weighted modulation spaces and applications to biomedical nonstationary signals.

(3) Linear partial differential and pseudo-differential operators on spaces of ultradifferentiable functions and ultradistributions: hypoellipticity, regularity of solutions, wave front set and extension of smooth functions.


Webpage: http://jbonet.webs.upv.es/


Head of the Group e-mail
Bonet Solves, José jbonet@mat.upv.es
Gómez Collado, María del Carmen mcgomez@mat.upv.es
Jordá Mora, Enrique ejorda@mat.upv.es
Jornet Casanova, David djornet@mat.upv.es
Ortigosa Araque, Nuria nuorar@upv.es
PhD Students
Asensio López, Vicent viaslo@doctor.upv.es
Gómez Orts, Esther esgoor@upvnet.upv.es
Rodríguez Arenas, Alberto alrodar3@posgrado.upv.es


External Collaborators University
Beltrán Meneu, María José Universitat Jaume I, Castellón
Fernández Rosell, Carmen Universitat de València
Galbis Verdú, Antonio Universitat de València
Tárraga Primo, Eva Universitat de València



Research lines

Operators on functions and sequence spaces

Time frequency analysis and applications

Partial differential operators and extension of smooth functions