Our group investigates different notions of dynamics (mainly, notions of chaos) for
operators and semigroups of operators on spaces of infinite dimension. Precisely, we work on:

(1) Dynamics of C_0-semigroups and applications,

(2) Dynamics of fractional differential (difference) equations,

(3) Li-Yorke chaos and distributional chaos,

(4) Lineability, algebrability and spaceability,

(5) Recurrence in the dynamics of operators,

(6) Dynamics of m-isometries,

(7) Topological and mesure-theoretic properties in linear dynamics,

(8) Numerical simulation and analysis of the dynamics of linear models.

Foreign members: Nilson Bernardes, Juan Bes, Karl Grosse-Erdmann, Carlos Lizama and Piotr Oprocha.


Heads of the Group e-mail
Peris Manguillot, Alfred aperis@mat.upv.es
Conejero Casares, Alberto aconejero@mat.upv.es
Bartoll Arnau, Salud sbartoll@mat.upv.es
Martínez Jiménez, Félix fmartinez@mat.upv.es
Ródenas Escribà, Francisco frodenas@mat.upv.es





External Collaborators University
Bermúdez de León, Teresa Universidad de la Laguna, Spain
Bonilla Ramírez, Antonio Universidad de la Laguna, Spain
Murillo Arcila, Marina Universitat Jaume I, Spain

Research lines

Li-Yorke chaos, distributional chaos, and recurrence properties

Lineability, algebrability and spaceability

Topological and measure-theoretic properties in linear dynamics, and non-linear dynamics

Semigroup theory and fractional calculus applied to PDE’s

Biological and biomedical mathematical modeling (B2M2)

Signal processing methods for financial time series