Queridos compañeros.

Este próximo jueves 11 de abril a las 12.00h en el seminario de nuestro Instituto el profesor Felix Finster (Universidad Regensburg, Alemania) impartirá la siguiente conferencia:

Título: Causal fermion systems and quantum field theory.

Resumen: The theory of causal fermion systems is an approach to describe fundamental physics. It gives quantum mechanics, general relativity and quantum field theory as limiting cases and is therefore a candidate for a unified physical theory. From the mathematical perspective, causal fermion systems provide a general framework for desribing and analyzing non-smooth geometries. The dynamics is described by the so-called causal action principle. The aim of the talk is to give a simple introduction, with an emphasis on conservation laws (surface layer integrals) and the connection to quantum field theory.

Estáis todos invitados.

Jose María Isidro